March Cookbook: Bread and Wine

March is here and I’m continuing on in my challenge to cook from a different cookbook each month. This month I’ve chosen Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes. Written by Shauna Niequist, this is so much more than a cookbook. This is a book about hospitality and the significance of gathering people around the dinner table. She tells stories of cooking, friendship, and faith. I’ve read it a handful of times in just the past few years, and it always inspires me to throw open the doors and invite people in. I hope and pray that my table would become a welcoming, safe place like what she describes. This is one of the reasons cooking is so important to me, but I have such a long way to go in order to become this type of loving and gracious host.

Bread and Wine quote by Shauna Niequist. Food is one of the ways we love

Shauna’s writing will make you want to drop everything and prepare a delicious meal for the ones you love. The recipes included at the end of each chapter really just feel like a bonus after you’ve read her inspiring words.

Bread and Wine


Each time I read this book, I make a mental note to revisit some of the recipes Shauna has included. She shares a beautiful story with each one, whether it’s Annette’s Enchiladas or her mom’s Blueberry Crisp. The goat cheese biscuits have become a staple in my house (highly recommend!), and I hope this month’s challenge will encourage me to finally cook even more from this book.


Have you read Bread and Wine? What are some ways you invite people to gather around your table?


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